Can Someone Really Become a Personal Trainer Online?

Becoming a personal trainer online is a rather new and not widely accepted concept. Many people ask “How is this possible? The personal training industry is a face-to-face profession”. It is a face-to-face profession. That does not mean, however, that online education is not a great method for gaining education in the fitness field.

Traditionally when someone hears of an online course, the very first thing that pops into their mind is sitting at the computer completing coursework. With a traditional online course this can be true. However this is not the only mode of offering for an online course. The definition for online learning, or “Electronic Learning” hints towards e-learning being used in a wide variety of methods. This can include all online, sitting at the computer learning. But it can also include face-to-face interaction.

The question you are all thinking is probably “How is that possible? How can a course be online if it is also face-to-face?” Well it’s simple. The assignments are submitted online. The coursework is done away from the computer. Here is an example. Let’s say someone is learning how to bake pizza online. They already learned about how to make an amazing sauce, and that fresh ingredients are their best bet. The next lesson in the coursework involves learning how to properly role out dough for making a pizza (please note even though I do cook for my wife on a regular basis, I still do not qualify as a professional chef, and am not giving any recommendations for cooking, as this is just an example I made up). Rolling out a pizza dough and then being able to spin-toss it in the air and successfully catch it again can take a lot of practice and proper technique. With that said how can one learn to do this from an online course? Well, there are actually several methods for this.

One method involves watching an instructional video online of the proper method for tossing a pizza. One type of video you can find easily on YouTube is instructional videos. By going to YouTube and typing in the search bar “How to Videos” thousands of instructional videos pop up. Watching a “How to” video is one method for learning proper technique, whether it is pizza tossing or exercise instruction.

Now, everyone has a preferred learning style, whether it be visual, auditory or kinesthetic. We have to understand which ones benefit us. As long as those specific needs are considered when instructing, the mode of delivery, whether online or off, is somewhat negligible. Take for example visual learners. They could easily learn the proper technique for tossing a pizza from a video, in addition to auditory learners. However, this method of delivery can leave out those that are kinesthetic learners, those that learn best by a more “hands on” approach. To solve this, another method not as widely used but that incorporates all three learning styles requires the student to seek out a professional in their community that can teach them the proper technique.

This may be quite a radical concept for online instruction, a student learning technique from a seasoned vet in the field. Keeping with the idea of tossing pizza, it is achievable. Student’s still receive the onsite experience from a trained professional, helping them with their technique, but student’s do not have to go to a classroom to turn in their assignments.

Other benefits of online instruction include:

*Learning occurs in a user-friendly environment and is accessible to participants with little or no computer experience.

*Online courses give you the knowledge and tools you need to stay ahead in today’s rapidly changing professional marketplace.

*Online education allows students to access their courses from anywhere there is an Internet connection even if you are traveling on business or on vacation.

*Flexibility: Students can attend class in the comfort and convenience of their own home, office, library, or internet cafe and complete assignments after breakfast, during lunch, late at night, while on vacation, or any time that is convenient for the student.

*Cost-effective: expenses related to facilities, travel, and non-productive time is reduced.

The 21st century brings a whole new world of emerging ways for educators to teach. While there are various methods of online delivery that have been explained in this article, hopefully any skepticism one may have towards online instruction for Personal Trainers can be turned to optimism and support.

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